Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Is your vehicle ready for Fall in Oregon?

Ford Explorer on Lift at the Quick Lane inside Gresham Ford
The sunny warm days are starting to slip away.  It's darker longer when we wake and darker earlier before bed.  Yes, fall in Oregon is upon us and the question is - "Is your vehicle ready for another Fall in Oregon?"  Before you know it the roads will be slippery and driving safely will be at the front of your mind.  

Below are a few aspects that you may want to consider as we are all thrown into another Fall in Oregon.  

Brakes and Tires.  Fall weather brings inclement weather road conditions.  These conditions require good stopping power and navigation in order to keep your family safe. If you haven't inspected your own tires lately, don't worry because you are not alone.  The Quick Lane inside Gresham Ford helps by providing a vehicle Report Card at EVERY visit so that you aren't surprised with the need for vehicle maintenance.  You will see that your vehicle is in the yellow zone and our Quick Lane Service Advisers will let you know that new tires will need to be part of the plan by your next oil change.   

Quick Lane inside Gresham Ford Vehicle Report Card

That means we all need good brakes and tires, below are a few links to coupons for both brake repair and replacement as well as a number of tire specials for your consideration. 
Checking the tire pressure is also a quick thing that you can do between oil changes in order to expend the life of your tires.  Tire pressure drops when the outside temperatures plummet. Keeping the pressure at levels recommended by the vehicle manufacturer can help to extend the life of your tires and help you get better fuel economy as well.  You can find the recommended tire pressure of your vehicle on the door or door jam of your vehicle or in your owners guide.  

Lights - 

  This is another check that the team at the Quick Lane inside Gresham Ford provides during every oil change.  If you haven't been to the Quick Lane, you should turn your headlights on and then get out to check that they are working properly.  The same should also be done with turn signals and brights and so on.  

Replace Wiper Blades - 

The purpose of wiper blades is to completely clear the windshield. Cracked or worn blades won’t do an adequate job. Check the blade’s rubber to ensure it's flexibility.  If you have lived in the Portland area for any amount of time you know how important wiper blades can be in a torrential downpour.  

Car Battery - 

Having a fully charged car battery can make the difference between getting home and waiting two hours for AAA.  The QuickLane inside Gresham Ford is happy to provide complimentary battery checks to help ensure that you get home in time for dinner.  

Change Your Oil

Dirty Oil and Air Filters can hinder proper operation of your vehicle this fall, so it's a good idea to get an oil change and inspect the air filter at the same time.  If you visit the Quick Lane at Gresham Ford they will also take this opportunity to check all your fluid levels including your cooling system.  No one wants to loose their heater core in the middle of the cold rainy system in Oregon.  Maintenance of your vehicle can help to reduce auto repair surprises greatly.   
Half Off Your First Oil Change at Quick Lane at Gresham Ford

If you have any questions about getting your specific vehicle ready for Fall in Oregon, feel free to contact the Quick Lane inside Gresham Ford for more information.  For your convenience Auto Service and Maintenance is available until MIDNIGHT weekdays at the QuickLane in Gresham and you never need an appointment.  Call 503-665-0101 for more information.