Monday, December 28, 2015

Get Zero Percent Financing Before it Disappears

The Ford Holiday Sales Event at Gresham Ford
There are a lot of reasons to love the holidays and now Ford, America's best-selling brand, is giving you more with low financing on cars, trucks, and SUVs, plus big holiday Bonus Cash on select vehicles at Gresham Ford.

You are probably skeptical about zero percent financing and wondering how finance companies can possible offer it.  Surprisingly 0% financing is one of the most popular incentives at Gresham Ford.  Like other incentives in the auto industry that are subsidized by Ford Motor Credit, zero percent financing is offered  on specific models and years.  With the Ford Holiday Sales Event you are provided the choice between cash rebates and 0% financing, when you qualify.  Not all who apply will qualify for zero percent financing.  Please contact any Finance Manager at Gresham Ford for complete qualifications and details regarding your specific situation and the Ford Holiday Sales Event.

Since the events on 9/11 and the downward economic trend many have enjoyed zero percent financing offered by Ford and Ford Motor Credit.  However with the economy doing better and employment rates increasing zero percent financing will not be around forever.

2016 Ford Escape SE EcoBoost 0% Financing for 60 monthsWhen you act before January 3rd 2016 you can take advantage of the additional holiday bonus cash provided by Ford Motor Company on Ford SUV's like the 2016 Ford Escape SE with EcoBoost technology.   With a towing capacity of 3500 lbs, it will pull all of your new Christmas toys to any playground.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Section 179 becomes permanent

Section 179 example deductions


Thanks to IRS Section 179 of the IRS tax code many small businesses that invest in new equipment will be able to write off up to 100% of these purchases on their 2015 IRS tax returns.  1  The qualifying vehicle must be purchased and placed into service between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.
Tax Savings for Small Businesses - Section 179It must be used at least 50% for business, based on mileage, in the first year it is placed in service. So if you choose to use it for both personal and business use, the cost eligible for deduction would be the percentage used for business.  This analysis applies only to vehicles placed in service in the United States after December 31, 2014 and by December 31, 2015, with no written binding contract for acquisition in effect before January 1, 2015. The aggregate deduction of $25,000 under Internal Revenue Code Section 179 is most beneficial to small businesses that place in service less than $200,000 of “Section 179 property” during the year (vehicles and other business property). 
2IRC Section 280F(d)(7)(B) requires that the limitation under IRC Section 280F(a)(1) be adjusted annually, based on the CPI automobile component for 
2015 Tax Deduction for your Small BusinessOctober of the preceding year. The IRS officially announced the Section 280F depreciation limits in Revenue Procedure 2015-19. The passenger automobile limitation is $3,160; the trucks/vans under 6,000 lbs. limitation is $3,460. The expensing restrictions under Section 280F do not apply to vehicles that are considered to be “qualified nonpersonal use vehicles” (QNUVs). A QNUV is generally a vehicle that, by virtue of its nature or design, is not likely to be used more than a de minimis amount for personal purposes. For more information, see Income Tax Reg., Sec. 1.280F-6(c)(3)(iii), Income Tax Reg. Sec. 1.274-5T(k), and Revenue Ruling 86-97, and contact your tax advisor for details. Consult your tax advisor as to the proper tax treatment of all business-vehicle purchases.  

Generous Section 179 deduction rules made permanent
The Section 179 deduction allows the cost of qualifying new and used depreciable assets (including most software) to be fully written off in Year One. For assets placed in service in tax years beginning in 2015 and beyond, the new law maintains the maximum Section 179 deduction allowance at the generous figure of $500,000 (same as for the last few years). For post-2015 years, the $500,000 cap will be indexed for inflation.

For tax years beginning in 2015, Section 179 deductions can also be claimed for up to $250,000 of qualifying real property expenditures. For 2016 and beyond the $250,000 cap on real property expenditures is eliminated. However, deductions allowed for real property expenditures reduce the overall $500,000 Section 179 deduction cap.

50% first-year bonus depreciation extended through 2017
The new law allows 50% first-year bonus depreciation for qualifying new (not used) business assets that are placed in service in calendar years 2015-2017. This break combined with the Section 179 deduction can lead to big tax savings for small and medium-size businesses.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ford Holiday Sales Event Offers Fantastic Year End Deals on the Hybrid CMax

Final Days of the Ford Holiday Sales Event

The Ford C-Max has enjoyed early success in Oregon and around the United States.  The C-MAX Hybrid combines real-car performance and hybrid efficiency with cargo capacity and several technology features for a fun-to-drive experience.  Other economy hybrid vehicles can feel cheap and don't provide room for multiple people, dogs, groceries and life.  

2015 Ford CMaxUnlike many other hybrid cars the Ford C-Max uses power-split architecture that allows the electric motor and gas-powered engine to work together or separately to maximize efficiency.  It's incredibly zippy and capable of getting you to 85 mph in full electric battery mode.  You won't slow down traffic on hills, you will be leading the pack with the instant torque provided by the electric power.  
The Toyota Prius line has a slightly revised exterior for 2015. However, the updates don’t do much to change things that really count.  C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi come standard with SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, which allows you to tailor the vehicle information display to fit your needs.  The Prius and Prius Plug-in have a somewhat similar feature but the CMax SmartGauge shares more detail and allows for more tailoring of information.

The Ford C-Max hybrid has been designed specifically to operate at peak fuel efficiency.  Utilizing a “5-stroke” combustion process that is more efficient than a conventional 4-stroke gasoline engine.  The 4-valve-per-cylinder design slightly delays intake valve closing, significantly increasing the gasoline engine’s energy conversion efficiency, producing more mileage out of each gallon of gasoline you will notice.  Unlike other hybrid vehicles the CMax shuts off when it is not needed to help reduce both emissions and fuel consumption.  The oxygen sensor analyzes the air/fuel ratio and adjusts the fuel delivery to help minimize emissions as well.  

We think you will agree once you drive the Ford CMax and appreciate the real world comfort and fuel economy it provides without compromising performance.  Stop by Gresham Ford for more information or to test drive one for yourself.  

2015 Ford C-Max Year End Special at Gresham Ford

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why the 2016 F-150 is a perfect work truck for Oregon

2016 Ford F-150 now available at Gresham Ford
The F-150 is a revolutionary work truck that has permeated Oregon.  This truck was designed and purpose built from the ground up to be reliable and durable whether you are transporting your Christmas tree on yards of rock.  The all new 2016 half ton truck delivers an impressive combination of efficiency and power.  This light duty truck is the smartest Ford has produced yet.  

The high-strength military grade aluminum alloy body has reduced the vehicle weight helping with MPG as well as providing additional strength.  This is just one example of why the Ford F-150 is still Built Tough.  In fact the F-150 is the first truck in its class to have an aluminum body and bed.  

The new 2016 F-150 has six trim options available at Gresham Ford including: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and the all new Limited.  The F-150 is the best selling truck again and maybe it's because of all it's first in class available options like the 8" productivity screen in the instrument cluster and the 360 degree camera with split view display so that you can see everything behind your truck before you travel in reverse.  The active park assist is very helpful when parking in the city.  This tool helps you parallel park with ease.  The Pro Trailer park assist also helps when backing a trailer.  Once you have access to these new technologies you will never know how you got along with out them.  

2016 F-150 driving thru a creekThe 2016 F150 also has many class exclusive features like the military grade aluminum body and bed that everyone has heard touted.  There are many more exclusive features that you may not have heard about like the full flat load floor on the SuperCab and SuperCrew Cabs.  The 2016 F-150 is the only half-ton truck pickup with the ability to run on compressed natural gas or propane.  The twin turbo charged direct injection EcoBoost gas engine technology is powerful.  If you haven't driven one, you need to experience the responsive power for yourself before you dismiss it.  

The F-150 now is offering four engine choices with enhanced performance from previous years.  The Auto Start-Stop feature is designed to help actively manage fuel consumption and help you get the most out of your truck.  The new 2.7L EcoBoost engine has a compacted graphite iron (CGI)/aluminum block saves weight while providing strength and is the same material used in the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine. Ford chose aluminum cylinder heads that are water-cooled and integrated with the exhaust manifolds.  
2016 F-150 has the most towing 12,200lbs

The F-150 was made for Towing and provides drivers with trailer connection status, lighting and trailer battery alerts/warnings.  The alerts/warnings are displayed in the message center or either the 4.2" or 8" productivity screen (if equipped) and is included in all towing packages.  The Pro Trailer Assist provides added driver convenience and awareness when backing a hitched conventional trailer by allowing the driver to “steer the trailer” instead of steering the truck.

Gresham Ford is a Oregon Ford Dealership offering the full line of Ford trucks, cars and SUVs.  A no pressure hassle free car buying experience awaits you.  


Ten Reasons to Buy Your Ford at Gresham Ford this Christmas

Santa Visits Gresham FordWhile not someone who stays up late, I always enjoyed reviewing David Letterman’s top ten reasons why……so as everyone has a Year-End Holiday Sale – these are my top ten reasons to buy a Ford….

1. An Iconic History – Ford Motor Company is a true success story – yes ups and downs but has always represented the best of what is American – ingenuity and self-reliance (remember we took no taxpayer money).

2. Affordable and Reliable – yes there are better vehicles out there but not in the price range we offer…Alan Mullaly was serious when he said we will make the best vehicles with all the features of vehicles costing twice or three times as much.

3. Full Line Up - We have a vehicle for everyone from our fully electric Focus to our hardworking Super Duty Trucks

4. Newest Technologies - We have the Classics (Mustang) and we always have something new like the EV CMax  that easily gets 80-100 miles per gallon based on your driving.

5. American Strong - When you purchase from an American based company (and there are fewer everyday) you provide for more American Jobs!

6. Gresham Ford is the “Dealership With a Heart for Our Community” so if you buy a Ford or any Pre-Owned Vehicle from us you will be assured that you are paying it forward in your community.

7. Reputation - When we say the purchasing experience is pleasant and no pressure we mean it…our online reviews are one of the highest in the Country-yes the whole country!

8. And for a limited time, you can get 0% APR for 60 months on select models with Ford Financing.*
The Ford Holiday Sales Event now at Gresham Ford

9. Plus, up to $1,000 Holiday Bonus Cash and $1,500 cash back!*

10. And then there’s no payments for 90 days!*

*On Select Models, on approved credit with FMCC. Not all customers will qualify.  So you see, there are so many fantastic reasons to buy a Ford!! Come on in to Gresham Ford and we’ll fill you in on all the details!  Happy Holidays and may this New Year be the Best Ever!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

All New Ford Explorer Available at Gresham Ford

2016 Ford Explorer available at Gresham FordGresham, OR, - Building on 73 years of innovation and sales leadership, Gresham Ford is excited to offer a new Ford Explorer with even more smart technology, a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine and a new Platinum series.

The Ford Explorer is a wonderful SUV for customers who enjoy the outdoor adventures offered by the outdoors Oregon has to offer.  The selectable 4WD technology assists whether you are in the Sand, Snow or Mud that Oregon offers.  
More innovation equals greater performance, more fun
Even more smart technology – that’s what customers will get with the new Ford Explorer. It offers more technologies than previous models, features that enhance the driving experience. New technologies available for 2016 include:
  • Front and rear cameras with washers
  • Enhanced active park assist with perpendicular park assist, park-out assist and semi-automatic parallel parking
  • Smart-charging USB ports
  • Hands-free liftgate
  • Industry-exclusive Sony® Audio System with Live Acoustics™ and Clear Phase™ technologies (Platinum series)
  • Active Grille Shutters
  • Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support
  • Lane-keeping system
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Cross-traffic alert
  • Auto high-beams
  • Inflatable rear safety belts
Capability – that’s what customers will get even more of with the new Explorer, thanks to an available 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine rated at 280 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 310 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,000 rpm on premium fuel. Compared to the 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder it replaces, the new 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine delivers an additional 40 horsepower and 40 lb.-ft. of torque – an increase of 17 percent and 15 percent, respectively.
Explorer’s intelligent four-wheel drive with Terrain Management System™ reassesses conditions about 20 times faster than the blink of an eye – providing precise handling and traction.
Rugged – that’s the word that inspired the designers creating the look of the new Ford Explorer.  The 2016 Explorer, including the new Platinum series, is now on sale at Gresham Ford located at 1999 East Powell Blvd, Gresham Oregon.  
2016 Ford Explorer Rear Controls

The following features, while not new for Explorer, are also available on the 2016 model:
New EcoBoost engine
The 2.3-liter EcoBoost’s notable improvement in horsepower and torque comes with no significant reduction in fuel economy. The front-wheel-drive Explorer retains its EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 28 mpg highway, which is best-in-class. For the first time, customers choosing a four-cylinder Explorer can opt for four-wheel drive and trailer towing capability. 
Intelligent four-wheel drive: Ready for any adventure
Intelligent four-wheel drive continuously monitors wheel speed, throttle position and steering wheel angle to determine vehicle conditions and driver intent. The system then determines the optimal amount of front and rear torque for the given conditions to prevent slip from even occurring, which helps keep the vehicle sure-footed on virtually any terrain. In sand, grass or gravel mode, the antilock braking system changes its pulse rate, which allows material to build up in front of the wheels, acting as a doorstop of sorts to help slow momentum. 
2016 Ford Explorer with Smart 4WD

New look
Exterior styling updates – such as positioning the grille and LED headlamps even higher, adding a new closed-off lower roof rack with channels that cascade rainwater off the vehicle and a new rear spoiler – also improve aerodynamics.
The 2016 Explorer features more robust headlamps, with available LED signature lighting, standard LED low-beams and available LED fog lamps.
Interior design changes reflect desires customers expressed through Ford consumer research, which shows one in five Explorer Sport customers previously owned a luxury vehicle. Changes include a higher-mounted, wrapped and stitched door armrest, real buttons to replace touch-sense buttons on the infotainment system and more refined detailing throughout.
New Platinum series
From new multi-contour front seats wrapped in Nirvana leather with micro-perforation, to special quilted stitching used throughout, advanced standard technologies and the powerful 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, Platinum elevates Explorer in ways customers can see and feel.
The all-new 500-watt Sony Audio System for Explorer Platinum features Live Acoustics technology that re-creates the sound dynamics of some of the world’s greatest concert halls for more enveloping, more realistic sound.

Gresham Ford 1999 East Powell Blvd Gresham OR 97080

This holiday is the best time to buy a 2015 Ford Focus

The Ford Holiday Sales Event

Recently Ford Motor Company announced another strong rebate to help bring a Ford to every driveway in America this December.  There is now an additional $750 retail Trade Assistance rebate on 2015 Ford Focus Cars available with 0% for 60 months plus $1000 in rebates thru January 4th 2016. And just because we are sure that Santa drives a Super Duty truck the rest of the year, Ford is also offering 90 days deferred payment to those who qualify. Click Here for more details.  With 10+ eligible Ford Focus cars available you have lots of choices.  Don't see what you want?  That's okay because we can professionally locate any Focus you want.  Visit Gresham Ford today to take advantage of the Ford Holiday Sales Event.  
2015 Ford Focus - Available at Gresham Ford