Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Quick Lane at Gresham Ford provides a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee

The days of simple, hydraulic ­based braking systems are over. Today’s complex brake systems require knowledge and expertise not only in hydraulics, but in electronics and computer controls as well. Service technicians must be skilled in these areas in order to diagnose and service today’s brake systems, and to be prepared for servicing the brake systems of tomorrow. Another important consideration are the brake pads and brake fluid used in the brake replacement. Most experienced automotive technicians follow a standard procedure, sometimes without even being aware of it, because their years of experience have taught them that by following a standard procedure they are less likely to miss a small, easy ­to­ fix item that may be responsible for a malfunction. Few things are more aggravating than replacing an expensive, hard ­to ­service component, only to find out that it did not correct the concern. Then, upon further investigation, finding out the real cause was a broken wire that would have been seen had a thorough visual inspection been performed. Focusing on the utilization of systematic diagnostic procedures for identifying and correcting ABS concerns sets the Quick Lane at Gresham Ford apart from other local auto repair facilities because it's fixed right the first time.  

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