Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Your Ford's Vehicle Health Report

Just like your body, taking care of your vehicle's health is important.  That means regular checkups.  Ford makes it easy with the Sync Vehicle Health Report.  Register your Sync equipped Ford vehicle at in order to receive health checks from your Ford vehicle.  These emails provide overall health screenings, these reports provide you with important diagnostic, maintenance and recall information so you can stay on top of your vehicle's health.  Set up automatic screenings and view your results through your online account.  If any recommended actions, warnings, recalls, maintenance or wear issues have been noted, you can schedule an appoint.  Yes it's that easy.  

You can always schedule any of your service appointments 24/7 online for the Gresham Ford Service Center at  Vehicle Health Report does a great job of helping to keep you on top of the maintenance needs of your vehicle and works well in conjunction with the Report Card that every vehicle that passes through the Service Center.