Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 Ford F-150 - How technology is making truck ownership better

2017 Ford F150 truck for sale at Gresham Ford

Everyone knows what a F-150 looks like and most of us have owned one or at least been in one before.  No surprise because the Ford F-150 has been the best selling truck since 1977.   Ford claims that all this success is rooted in its purpose built design.  The F150 was built from the ground up to be a durable, capable and easy to use work truck.  

Yep, that's right it just plain looks cool.  The 2017 F150 delivers an impressive combination of power, capability and efficiency; from the advanced materials that enhance durability to breakthrough pickup box innovations.   This is the absolute smartest F150 that Ford has ever built. In vehicle technologies like Active Park Assist and wiper activated headlamps just start the new technology list.  
2017 Ford F150 for sale at Gresham Ford pulling a boat

  • Enter It - Driver Entry Technologies include things like Global Opening  Windows.  This feature comes in handy when you've taken your buddies out for lunch and they all chose the chili cheese dog special and you need to get the windows rolled down fast while you are stuck in traffic trying to get back to work.  Ford thought about it and added features for you.   Intelligent access with push button start allows you to keep the key in your pocket or purse and and just grab the door handle in order to open the truck.  The F150 senses that you are near the car and allows you to enter.  This also comes with push button start which makes so much sense in Oregon, especially right now as we are looking at another stretch of snowpocalypse.  This is also a safer option as opposed to the traditional warming up your vehicle.  The push button start actually locks your vehicle, starts it and keeps it running for 10 minutes.  That way if your plans change you don't have to worry about your truck running out of gas in the driveway.  Memory driver's seats have saved many a relationship. They allow you to save your exact drivers seat position with the push of a button on the door.  There are 3 saved positions in the 2017 F150 - that way you and your beloved both have your exact saved position ready to go at the push of a button.  The keyless entry pad is also a life saver.  If you lost your keys, left them in the car - that sort of thing, Ford has provided you with a keyless entry pad on the B pillar of the F150.  This way you just enter your six digit customized code and gain access to your vehicle.  No AAA needed.  And to round out the list of driver entry technologies, Ford has included an universal garage door opener.  This way you can program your truck to the garage door and don't have to keep track of the clicker ever again.  Ford engineers love their own trucks and have added all this technology to help make your F150 owning experience a better one.  
    2017 F150 Crew Cab Interior for sale at Gresham Ford
  • Drive It - Driver Assist Technologies.  Ford has not scrimped on this group of bells and whistles at all.  First is the 180 degree camera system located on the instrument panel which allows toggling thru various camera views: while in park, neutral or drive and with just a press of the button you can display front images.  The front normal view provides an image of what is directly in front of the vehicle.  You can access this by pressing the camera button.  As you can imagine this comes in very handy when parallel parking and avoiding impact with the tiny Prius parked in front of you. The Front Tri-Panel View provides an extended view of what is in front of the vehicle to provide a cross-traffic view on oncoming vehicles, people, bikes, dogs, etc.  This is also accessed by pressing the camera button but from the normal view screen.  You can also probably imagine this coming in handy when driving downtown and trying to inch out of an alley or onto a street with large vehicle parked on either side.  Ford engineers really love the F150 and drive it themselves.   
    F150 Crew Cab Sunroof for Sale at Gresham
  • Enjoy It - Driver Convenience Technologies. One of the things that is universally loved by everyone who purchases the F150 is the AC Power Outlets.  Just consider the possibilities.  Besides powering all your other phone charger you can use all your multimedia and electronic devices.  If you are the camping type consider all the kitchen appliances that could now be powered in your backseat.  Besides having all that access to power you will also enjoy the Sony audio system that provides speakers throughout the F150 cabin and includes a dedicated Sony amplifier that provides an enhanced audio experience.  You can listen to your music with the radio, CD, USB, Sirus, and Bluetooth audio streaming too.  You have a world of choices.  Not all of our features that you will truly enjoy are inside the truck.  Especially in Oregon and East County we hate to scrape our windshields.  The F150 has been built with QuickClear Electric Windshield Defroster technology that clears the windshield of snow, ice more quickly thus reducing the need to scrape.  The heated side mirrors also help keep your vision true and clear the snow and ice.  And the biggest thing you will enjoy are the heated and cooled seats in the F150.  Ask for a demonstration - it will change your life.  
  • Maintain It - Driver Peace of Mind Technologies.  Ford has also tried to make maintaining your truck easier.  The first time you fill up your pickup don't panic.  You have an Easy Fuel Capless Fuel Filler.  That's right, no more gas caps to lose.  It also makes your fuel tank practically syphon proof.  Ford Engineers really have thought of everything.  The Intelligent Oil Life Monitor alerts you when your oil is reaching the point it needs to be changed.  Important information especially if your oil change sticker falls off your windshield like mine does.  Your F150 pickup also comes standard with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  This technology tells you when your tire has fallen below the recommended amount of air.  We all know how important the correct tire inflation is to extending the wear life of our tires and this technology helps.       
Interior Storage in the 2017 F150 for sale at Gresham Ford

Ford has also included Connected Car technologies like Sync, MyFord Touch, Ford Pass and Apps - they all make your life easier and keep you connected. Ford Engineers have worked hard to make the 2017 F150 the most tech friendly truck to date and have firmly hit their mark.  For more information about Ford trucks visit Gresham Ford located at 1999 East Powell Blvd in Gresham Oregon.