Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ford shares information about the self driving car under the blue oval

By 2021 you could be hailing a ride and using a self driving Ford car.  You will just punch in your destination and then sit back and let the car navigate the horrendous downtown Portland traffic.  Just think you wouldn't have to worry about finding a parking place either.  Believe it or not that is at the center, driving the push towards self driving cars.  The nature of vehicle ownership is evolving and many people don't cherish the idea of maintaining their vehicle; they just want transportation.  

Self Driving Ford Concept Car

More and more people especially in the Portland area are relying on shared forms of transportation like ride sharing, car pooling  or Uber.  The concept of ride sharing appeals to many because our cars will be utilized more efficiently and save people so much time searching for a legally acceptable parking solution.  Experts claim that traffic and pollution will be eased as well but we know it's really all about the parking.  

The critics are saying that self driving vehicles provide too steep of a learning curve.  They feel the dramatic change will be met with significant resistance.  Personally, I have to be honest that I consider myself a bit of a control freak  but if it will save me from parking I will just cover my eyes and breathe deeply.  Besides, if you are over 30 you remember when anti-lock brakes first came out and a few people were resistant to the idea.  I have faith in people to recognize the benefits and grit their teeth in a honest attempt to make it work.  And think about all the people who will be able to get to where they need to go with self driving cars; like the elderly and disabled population.  Autonomous vehicles could give many people back a freedom that they may have previously lost and after all isn't that what the goal should be.  That and parking alleviation of course.  

Here is a short video that shows Ford testing the Ford Fusion running at night autonomously.  Could you grit your teeth?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Drive 4 UR School at Gresham Ford Today

Today Gresham Ford hosted another Drive 4 UR School event that donates $20 for each test drive to area schools.

Even with the rain and chilly weather we are happy to say that we had a slow but steady turn out to support our local area schools.

The event started at 10 am with parents and students helping to set up tables and light refreshments to keep the volunteers going.

Gresham Ford staff members from Service, Parts and the Quick Lane joined in to help provide test drive chaperons and help filling out the short survey form that follows each test drive.  Students worked hard calling aunts, uncles, grandmas and even neighbors to come test drive a new Ford.  We lined up a number a new Ford vehicles with keys and chaperons ready in an attempt to keep everyone dry as possible with the rain.

This truly is a no pressure test drive event to help support Gresham area schools.  Many have found it a great opportunity to drive a vehicle they have been curious about and to see what it really feels like.
Gresham Ford is located on the corner of 3rd Street and East Powell Blvd in Gresham.  In an effort to provide premium parking for our test drive participants our staff worked late Friday night to clear space in the East parking area for participants.  Many staffers from the Parts and Service departments donated their time to assist with test drive and help the event progress smoothly.

Bess Wills, General Manager, was approached back in 2004 by a group of employees that wanted to pool their monies to help the same community projects that the dealership supported.  From this conversation the Contribute to the Community Program was born.    Every employee donated a portion of each check to the fund that helps to support community needs and events.  Many Gresham Ford staff members are regularly involved in non-profits and community support programs.

To find out how your school or non-profit can gain the support of Gresham Ford and the Contribute to the Community Program contact the Community Outreach Director, Amy Tipsord at 503.489.1632 or

Gresham Ford is grateful to Ford Motor Company for providing such a fantastic program infrastructure and donating up to $6,000 per event.  Without Ford Motor Company's support this program would not be possible and we are grateful to share it with our community.  Many school programs like Centennial High School Football Team have benefited from previous Drive 4 UR School Programs and be enabled to provide equipment and training that would not have otherwise been made possible by their funding shortfalls.

Gresham Ford understands how important our children's development and support is to the improvement our the Gresham community.  We hope that you will find time in your schedule to join us for the next Drive 4 UR School event and help to support your local high school students and the programs they are passionate about continuing.