Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Drive 4 UR School and Ford Donates $20

There is so much misinformation in the world today – so let me straighten out a few things that have come to my attention:

  1.  You do not get the Coronavirus from drinking Corona Beer.  This is a big one in our world as Bob, my husband was a National Marketing Director for the company that imports this beer and his retirement is very much tied to how much Corona Beer is being consumed…so have a cold one, you will not get the virus from the beer!
  2. Garth Brooks wore a Barry Sanders jersey to a concert and was trashed by some of his fans for supporting Bernie Sanders….he like me, just love the running back from the Detroit Lions (you know they are owned by a Ford Family member- so I consider them my hometown team).  So, Garth just likes the Motor City Team and one of its star players – not sure where he is politically!
  3. This weekend we have “Drive 4 UR School” benefitting several local High Schools.   The misinformation on this is we are just trying to sell you a car. NO, we just want to raise money for these local schools.  And for a simple drive around the block, we can collect $20 from Ford Motor Company. Yes, you have to answer a survey and worst case you will receive an extra $750 off of a Ford Purchase should you desire too…. BUT NO OBLIGATION!!!   So please just stop by and drive around the block even if you are a Chevy guy from way back. We just want to help our kids get some extra funds for their sports programs and such!

Well, I could go on and on. The Internet is just full of misinformation but you, like me, are reading this local paper because you value local journalism!!!   Where the facts are checked and there is a name to call if you feel there is something not quite right about the story!!   

We hope to see you tomorrow at Gresham Ford from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. and take your NO PRESSURE DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK for the kids! Or just drop off a $20 bill that would be appreciated also!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

100+ Women Who Care in East County Oregon

This is fundraising made easy at it’s finest!  To raise over $10,000 in just under an hour, no hassle, no knocking on doors and hitting the streets is unheard of, or at least it was!
100+ Women Who Care East County has got this figured out!  Once a quarter, that’s every three months, they hold a meeting and each member pledges $100.  The members write the name of their favorite charity or non-profit organization on a card and drop it in a bowl.  Three cards are drawn from the bowl and each organization that was drawn then has an opportunity to present to the group who they are, what their organization does for the community and how they would use the funds.  It is amazing the stories that are told and all the incredible things that are happening right here in our back yards! Then the vote is cast, and the winner announced right there and then! 
Here’s a list of the charities and non-profits that have benefited to date:
YMCA Camp Collins $5,500
T.I.P. (Trauma Intervention Program) $8,500
Boxes of Love $10,400
My Father’s House $12,000
Serendipity $11,500
GBEF (Gresham Barlow Education Foundation) $10,000

For a grand total of $57,900!  Isn’t that incredible? And all because 100 Women Who Care decided to get together and each pledge $100 per quarter.  There are currently 107 members and growing! If you’d like to be a part of the best and easiest fundraiser ever, please to go and join today!  

The next meeting will be next Thursday, February 13th at Clear Creek Events, 376 NE 219th Ave, Gresham (behind Crunch Fitness) from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Please join us and Contribute to the Community. Because better communities happen when you get involved.   We’re doing great things in East County!